Sunday, January 23, 2011

Resorting to the Bottle

This winter has zapped me of a certain joie di vivre...

While the sun is visiting more tropical elsewheres, oft-sunny Colorado has had to suffer through a dulled down version of its usually radiant natural beauty.  Even in winter, we usually have crystal blues and bright whites to lure us into venturing outdoors, despite the cold.  But not this winter.

Skies blanketed with clouds cast a sallow film onto the already scarce daylight.  Coupled with the bitter cold January has brought with it, and the winds, the infernal winds!, this muted experience has resulted in my hermit-like (for me, that is) retreat to the indoors, making the days long and weary.

Then there are the voices of doubt.  Those that question me frequently enough that I question my reality.

These things have got me hankering for a bit of liquid courage.

Something to drown out the voices and make the day shine a little bit more.

Help me find a little bit of comfort and spice.

Oh, wait, before you go all Intervention on me, let me clarify:

I'm not talking about Smirnoff, merlot, or Coors.

No, behold; the bottle of which I speak:

You see, with me staying increasingly indoors, the afore mentioned sallowness and muted colors have not only applied to the scenery outdoors, but to my hair as well.  Just as a blonde's hair dulls up in the winter, so does mine lose some (though certainly not all) of the coppery undertones.

The voices?  Only the frequent commenters who inquire as to where my son(s) gets his red hair from, while I (and often Seth too, with his red beard) am standing right there!

So....after a long period on the non-hair-coloring wagon (nothing has touched my hair since the highlights I did when Christopher was a newborn), I've fallen off in hopes of escaping the reality of this situation.

And I likey.

Disclaimer:  both pictures are in the same crappily lit room, my bathroom, for equal opportunity purposes.  No make-up is being worn in either picture, so please brace yourselves for what you are about to see.  My face is noticeably redder in the second picture only because I exfoliated while in the shower in which I washed out my hair; the new color does not make my skin look like that!  Finally, picture quality is not great, but it's what I've got.



I think this was just the mid-winter pick-me-up  that I needed.

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  1. LOVE it! Amazing how that works...I have the same itch.

  2. thanks all...

    @Headless Mom - on purpose????

  3. 'After' is lovely, it just brightens everything beautifully.

  4. looks great! maybe i should do that... maybe i need some blondiness to make the winter blahs go away... :)

  5. I love it! I love a little hint of auburn.

  6. Awesome! I sooo need to do that also. Love it!