Monday, October 15, 2012

Days 10-15

It was bound to happen eventually, this falling off the wagon thing whenever it comes to me doing anything that is supposed to become a daily habit.

Borne of chaos, I am NOT a creature of habit and am constantly, {more often than not, fruitlessly}, striving towards routine and structure, only to abandon any purposeful or intentional endeavors for a more reactive, in-the-moment existence...that usually bites me hard, too.

Preamble aside, I'm behind in my pictures, so without further ado, here they are:

Day 10: Emotion

Her picture is not mine, but for the past week and a half, every time I see this picture, the tears well up in my eyes, my throat gets tight, and I pray to God that He blinded her from the reality of her final moments, took her to be with Him before her body actually expired as only a loving, merciful God could do, would do.  Please!

Day 11: Something close up / Day 12: On the table

My first actual attempt at something I saw on Pinterest.  On my kitchen table.  So there.

Day 13: Landscape
From our daytrip at Rocky Mtn. National Park a few weeks back, I have so many pictures of the landscape, but I loved the lone golden aspen in the focal point of the Rockies and the valley below in this shot.

Day 14: Makes you laugh

This boy makes me laugh pretty much every day.  And he knows it too.  He knows what a blessing his "doofy" {goofy} personality is to his mama, and everyone around him, so he's constantly living it up.  

Bonus: A video of him "playing" his hamburger this summer when Brighter than the Sun came on at the restaurant.  It should make you laugh too :)

Day 15: Dinnertime

That, friends is a tasty, affordable harvest-time supper.  Yesterday, we went with our church youth group to help glean the fields at the local Grant Family Farm, an effort which yielded several freight trucks worth of fresh, organic, potatoes, beets, cauliflower, and various squashes to be delivered to the Food Bank for Larimer County, where these nourishing crops will be distributed to low-income individuals and families who often lack access to quality food.  That felt extremely rewarding.  

And, there was an added bonus of being able to take food home for ourselves, once the trucks were at capacity.  

Tonight's dinner, pictured above, was grilled Hawaiian salt-brined pork chops {loin}, garlic-parmesan roasted {organic} cauliflower {fruits of yesterday's labor} and a paleo apple crisp {made with free, organic apples from my neighbor's backyard}.  It was YUM.  I am really looking forward to the beets and squashes we scored yesterday, too.  I should have taken a picture of the cauliflower - that single head was probably 5x the size of one I'd buy in the store, and was enough to eat tonight plus fill 3 quart size bags for the freezer!


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