Friday, July 7, 2006

I have had this theory..

I used to believe in a theory of mutuality when it came to family interactions.

In other words, I thought that since we all have common phone access, a common DNA connection that assumes we're equally tied to the other, means of transportation, etc., that my family of origin would communicate in a somewhat reciprocal manner.

History though, has shown that this theory of mutuality is BS - an idealistic notion of a young woman, haplessly enthralled with a sense of equitable treatment.

Even Charlie Brown has seen in his family, which is generally balanced in the give and take of familial communication and demonstration of care, particularly when it comes to his brother's family, that the theory has been debunked.

Granted, this is not my entire family I'm talking about. Big'n'tall Bro gets it. Li'l Sis gets it (sorta). But my littlest brother and my mother, yeah, they're the ones who falsified my hypothesis - thus bringing ruin to my nice little theory.

"Don't call me, I'll call you." Yeah.......right.

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