Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Delurk-ey all you Turkeys.....

I have it on good authority that this week is Delurking Week.

For you new to the whole blog/message boards phenomenon, LURKING is when you read these sites but never post or say, "I'm here." DE-lurking is revealing your self, or at least anonymously making a comment. Which I'd be interested in seeing....because I've tried a few times, usually after a high traffic day, to get people to make a shout out and show me just who is reading.....hasn't worked much this far - I usually get 3-4 responses.

But, I love this little trend - leaving a blogstone - which looks like this (o) - in lieu of stumbling to find something significant to say. Yeah, nodding my head, that's for those of you who are just too tongue tied at the end of my magnificent posts.

So, c'mon, in the spirit of delurking week, leave a note or stone......


  1. I'm lurking. I'm posting. Do I get the award for the day? Free babysitting? A toilet clean? Perhaps a fresh turkey delivered to my door to be eaten in the Elephant Pool? Think about it.

  2. (o)


    It kind of looks like a pig nose, doesn't it?

  3. hmmm....
    at first I thought that it looked like the remnants of a cheerio, but now that I see it again...
    it looks like the top half of a stick figure doing strstching exercises.

  4. Busted, chronic lurker. Love ya


  5. Becky - I love ya too....you are always close to my heart and on my prayer list.