Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm in a grumpy mood....

And I'm really trying not to be....since yesterday, even.

I really think it is that I'm suffering from the Superwoman Wannabes. Men suffer from Superman Wannabes a lesser extent - imho - but nevertheless we are trying to do too much in too little time...all of us. That's another post in itself, but the point here is this case of the Wannabes is behind my grumpy-ness (it doesn't look right as grumpiness or grumpyness - which makes me all the more grumpy!).

I had Friday off as the City observed Veteran's Day. And I celebrated the fact that I had no "work" to do, as I got down and dirty and cleaned the pit that was my bedroom. I've come to the determination that a marriage bed, when surrounded by piles of chaos, dust and dirty laundry - is not the marital playground that men and women just can't help but be drawn to. In fact, as dirty/cluttered as our room was, our marriage bed was repulsing both Charlie Brown and I, and that is JUST sad! Cleaning the room = relief at the new organized and sanitary condition. However, as I discovered children's toys and trash (i.e. Lightning McQueen Dixie cups, long past their disposable use), along with some other slovenly habits that made our room this way in the first place - I grew resentful. I try to be hygienic, if not organized - but truth be told, I can handle a little bit of clutter so long as DIRT is not a factor of the equation. I want my bedroom to be a place of solace for me, not a place I put off going to until thelastpossible second at night, you know?

Grump factor #1.

I determined that the kids are no longer to have free reign in our room. They are at the ages where they can HOLD ON a minute if Mommy is attending to herself (i.e. dressing/pottying/etc) versus immediately demanding gratification. Thus, no toys/children's trash, laundry, etc will be allowed to grump me up anymore! I said I was trying right?

This one isn't really bothering me right now, but it sure did yesterday. I vaccuumed extensively yesterday, including the 16 stairs, yeah 16, we have from the first and second floors. I grumbled about the number of stairs and how dirty they get with our black lab, 2 kids, and 2 adults traffic flow.

Grump factor #2.

As soon as the grumble came out, though, I quickly caught and scolded myself.

Do you know what having 16 stairs means?
A lot of vaccuuming?
No, you self-centered girl, it means you have the blessing of your legs.
Ahhh, yeah. o-k-soorry!?

See? Really I am trying to not be grumpy.

I also have had the return of my real husband, lol. Just kidding...well, sorta. In other words, he is also grumpy and not handling my grumpy-ness (grr..) so graciously. I guess, I'd kind of hoped for some appreciation for Friday and yesterday's work...and none was had. I actually conquered the wannabes in the area of housecleaning and made a case of one rockin' domestic goddess this weekend, and no one put on a victory party. Poor me, huh? Boo hoo, lol.

So that's a grumpy factor #3.

4th? I'm putting on winter weight like nobody's business. And it is inexcusably, 100% all. MY. fault. It does NOT help when Charlie Brown looks at the refrigerator, determines the healthy foodstock, my valiant attempt to do better, is not sufficient for his sweet tooth's needs, therefore he goes and buys OREOS. Reduced Fat, even, but still, Chuck, you might as well IV a fat drip right into my butt/thighs (b/c cush never adds to my boobs - where I might possibly welcome some gain) for the same effect. Oreos are my cryptonite....and reduced fat - HAH! That just means I can enjoy more, right? And....he KNOWS that.

So this morning getting dressed for church was SO NOT pleasurable...........for ANYONE in my house. I wanted to rage at the fact that my waist has disappeared, and thus I am nothing but a frumpy grump. At least hot women are allowed to be grumpy without being written off by the world. Poor me....Rage I did not. Grump and pout, though, I did. I'm so mature....some days I swear my children will forever be in therapy.

And grump factor # 5? not to get into it here...but it involves communication. Or the lack thereof.

This post is a is not meant to solicit "oh you poor thing's" and other such truisms, (ROFLOL - sorry, couldn't help but lay it on thick) rather it's more a chance for me to poke fun at my pathetic little self...who's grown a bit bigger these days. Really.... I have much more to be thankful for than grumpy about...and I will write about that in the next post. Now that I have cleared my head. Somewhat.

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  1. Tis the season, I'm pretty sure, for grumpiness. Our lunchroom at work was FILLED with sarcasm and soup (?) today. I think the changing of the seasons affects attitude, as well as dietary habits.

    Living in Fort Fun should be helpful, though, no?