Tuesday, December 5, 2006


I woke, begrudgingly - having pushed the snooze button a half dozen times between Charlie Brown and myself. As my addled mind struggled to push the sleep aside, one would have never guessed that I went to bed at 8:30 the night before.

Actually registering that it was NOW 6:40 AM and I should have taken a shower and had breakfast readied by NOW did the trick, though. Freak out's on!

Just as I turned from the bathroom, I nearly missed toppling LMNOB over - equally sleepy.

"Mama," she whined in that low, I-haven't-spoken-for-at-least-9-hours, first words of the morning voice, "I wet my bed."

With a blip of a glance heavenward and a short "Why today?" I quickly said, "I'm sorry sweetie, but that's ok - your clothes for the day are ..."

As I turn to trot down the stairs and get breakfast going - a snarl came from Punkinhead's room. The frantic cry?


Of course. A shower's out of the question now, babe.

"My jammies is...is," as I entered the room and evaluated the scene, I gave Punkinhead the words he was searching for.

"You're wet - you wet the bed too?!?" Deep breath....calm. At his crestfallen face, immediately, I went for the save with, "Oh, baby, it's ok - we'll just get you dressed." Too late though, as he streamed a series of "Mama's I so so so so swowwie's." As I motioned him in and he leaned up against me, I realized the boy had just emptied a bladder that must have had the contents of the entire Colorado water table in it. Aaack! Try not to get any on you. "Ok, bud, let's go wipe you off first." Entered bathroom, warmed water and wet cloth, then proceeded to wipe the urine residue off him. Dressed him.

Somewhere in the fog was Charlie Brown saying, "They both wet the bed?" Yeah, nice. Thanks for the concern and all, but help would have been nicer.

But his lunch has to be made and him at work on time b/c his boss is being a freaking jerk about the minute to minute time spent at work - when the mechanics are paid by the work they do not on an hourly basis...but I digress.

I made lunches, his, mine, LMNOB's in record speed. He left - thanklessly. We dropped Punkinhead off at the new daycare - yeah, I haven't EVEN gone there yet on here. We arrived at LMNOB's school. Late. The poor kid has had 8 or more tardies since school started.

Ok....the day picked up from there, I'll admit.

I cranked out my kick @$$ piece on the new minimum wage (posted below) - and had great reviews from the ED I quoted, and The Boss. Nice.

Then, I had the Loveland Homeless Task Force Mtg. Which is not the most efficient usage of my time, for all the action this group has taken. But, it was hot topic day thanks to a vigilante do-gooder who seems to have no regard for public process.

Long story short is found here. He demanded the day of a cold front moving through - that the City supply and inclement weather emergency shelter from 6P-6A within 12 hours of his first words about it. Needless to say, funding, timing, and sheer lack of political will in the community meant he didn't get his wish - from the City. As such, all City employees/elected representatives are heartless jerks, not to be trusted and who wish to avoid acknowledging a homeless problem exists in his eyes. Not to mention the man, while good intentioned, is lacking a lot in presentation - he is RUDE, ANGRY, and flat out HOSTILE. I hate that he doesn't understand that many of us are on the SAME SIDE!

So, here I was at the meeting - under his fire as a City representative on the matter - b/c you know, we are ALL one and the same. insert eyeroll here.

I felt under fire as I spoke to the fact that a proposal, utilizing existing resources/programs, with needs demonstrated, logistics worked out, protocols in place, would need to go before City Council as quickly as possible. In the meantime, I suggested ways to utilize Fort Collins resources for this population be explored - such as comprehensive transportation. That was shot down. Why should we ship out people who are just as much part of our community as you or I? Well, why let them freeze to death on that principle? I mean, I get it, I really do, but to get a solution is going to take time - in the meantime, let's use what is available, even if it isn't ideal right?

I'm just wryly laughing at it all, b/c there are so many people who say the churches and non-profits are the solution to all social dilemmas; government should have no role there. And then there is this guy, who wants the government to be the be-all end-all. And all the politics in between.

No wonder politicians go corrupt! I wanted to cry after that meeting - being perceived as the "bad" guy representative, when anyone who knows me knows just the opposite is true.

Somehow I think all of this is tied to a full moon last night - really!

Now...I'm back home.
Sheets are in the washer.
Dinner's in the oven.
An errant monthly visitor is now in house, after a long deviance from the monthly itenerary.
(that was another part of such an emotionally charged day)
Kids are on my nerves, as I try to recoup by writing this.


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  1. My heart goes out to you. My problems are not nearly yours. My girls are long past the bed wetting but have moved onto other things dads don't like to think of ...

    No I keep my time lately by shoveling snow, painting the kitchen, getting in a crawl space extension from our basement, house hunting online, trying to pack 2000 books ...

    But when I get to Tucson it will not be 8 degrees.

    Ahh, the thought of it all, :-)

    My Rant,