Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Woodrow Wilson...or a good game of tag??

Hmmmm.....Reading and dishing about WW's The Study of Administration - which is the almost Shakespearean precursor to motivational business books - for school, or taking Bobby up on a game of tag?

Uh, duh. WW's tedious essay is going to have to wait for tomorrow, when my brain is not so sleep deprived.

So...it's basically 5 trivial things ya'll don't really know about me, right?

1.) Even though I hated being one of MANY Heathers in my peer group (late 70's/early 80's) I much prefer it to what was going to have been my name: Tricia Dawn. I have to thank God for unsophisticated pain meds that made my mama loopy on this one. The story goes that after I was born, Mom was high on the labor pain medication given her and when the nurse asked her what my name was, the television in the room happened to be tuned into General Hospital, wherein my namesake made her debut appearance: a gorgeous new female character, named Heather, entered, swaying Mom enough to name me Heather before passing out. My grandmother then took the liberty of giving me her middle name for mine. Funny, huh?

2.) I usually get along better with men than women. The only exception to this is that I am very close and girlfriend-like with a ton of women I've met online, but not IRL. Weird, eh?

3.) My hair, that was red all of my life, lost some of the red joie de vivre after my babies were born. So now, after tiring of hearing an annoying number of people in public say about Punkinhead, "Wow! were does he get that read hair from?" while I am STANDING. RIGHT. THERE, I enhance it with color from time to time. I was always identified as a redhead - It's who I am! I am not about to let motherhood take that from me!

4.) I was labeled "gifted" as a child with respect to IQ. I had a 12th grade reading ability in the 1st grade. I took a pre-SAT in junior high. I dumbed myself down in highschool though, as a means of social preservation. Now, I'm back to embracing my brains!

5.) All of my jobs after highschool have had some tie-in to the next subsequent job I held: In college, I worked as a student representative for the financial aid office at CSU. Which was excellent information for my next job as a case manager/housing coordinator at the mental health center helping people further themselves educationally/vocationally in the pursuit of self-sufficiency. Grants stuff I did at the mental health center is what landed me the job at the city, where my chief role is to assist in grant program administration. Finally, the homeless outreach experience I had at the mental health center plus my connections gained at Loveland are what landed me the coordinator position for the homeless count. And, it's all just happened this way - it is not at all as if I've planned it. God has though - I can definitely see it all in retrospect. Heck, I never in a million years would have guessed my psych degree would be inroads to a career in helping the homeless!

As for tagging others - if you want to be, consider yourself tagged. Elsewise, I'ma gonna go to bed. Nighty night.

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