Monday, January 22, 2007

LMNOB writes:

A week or so back ago, LMNOB got into my planner.  I’d forgotten about it until I opened to Wednesday so I could pen in a meeting.  On the daily notes side, she wrote:


We shod led _____ (insert LMNOB’s real name here)

wer hre


and ckraon nwae

and we shod

let _____ (insert LMNOB’s real name here)

wer ma

cup _____ (insert Punkinhead’s real name here)

shoad waur his sit shirt

and genne pansus.


Note the period at the end, but nowhere else!  LOL.


Now, for the “Only Mommy Knows” translation:

We should let LMNOB wear her dress-up dress and crown now – and we should let LMNOB wear makeup.  Punkinhead should wear his sit (?) shirt and green pants.


Oh, she’s trying so very hard.  Both at the writing and the getting of her own way! 


Totally brightened my day.  Kids can be funny.

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  1. That gave me a good chuckle... even before you translated.. because remember... I too have a LMNOB LOL