Thursday, March 1, 2007

LMNOB is 6 today!

How can that be????

She's got a "12 days (+) of b'day" theme going on here, lol.

She got to do her b'day gift from Nana/Papa and Uncle J's crew the weekend before last when they all came up to visit.

We did frosted cookies (b/c Sam's Club does not do cupcakes and her class is 25 kids!) at school today, and dh ordered 6 carnations to be sent to her school today. Tonight we'll do dinner at her restaurant of choice.

Then, the party. It isn't actually until NEXT Saturday, b/c mom has a paper due this Saturday ;) But we are doing a "Spring Cheer" party where the kids will all plant a potted spring bulb and take home to force it into early bloom - B/C WE ARE ALL TIRED OF WINTER!!! And b/c LMNOB loves gardening, and b/c I hate to send kids home with a bunch of useless junk for party favors, lol.

Then, later that night, we have tickets to see Monsters Inc. on Ice. Fun times :)

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