Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Really shallow thoughts before bedtime

  • Sometimes I wonder if LMNOB will ever master toilet hygiene - the girl is two days shy of 6 and still can't wipe back to front, uhm, blush, that is front to back (honest I know the right way, it was late!) to save her life, nor to the point of a clean hiney.
  • Holy estrogen, batman, my body is going completely hormonal on me. My skin and hair, normally in the dry-normal classification, have all of a sudden begun spurting oil. If only it were the oil that translated to $, then that would be a real Beverly HillBilly story, wouldn't it?
  • I think Denise Austin is related to Tony the Tiger - she says, "Grrrreat," a million times in the Hit the Spot Pilates Workout.
  • Charlie Brown is such a boy with respect to his new toy - HD tv. I think it is nice, but not at all a priority. Scandalous, I know.
  • While it was completely inappropriate for Punkinhead to streak about naked post-bathing while my friend S was here to do Pilates, it was totally hilarious to watch his little 3 y/o boy parts dangle as he hopped around shouting, "But wait a minute S, I hafta tell you someting!" He had to tell us a hundred "sometings" as it turned out- or was it just an excuse to show off his junk??? Starts early, doesn't it?
  • The hip swivel exercise on Hit the Spot Pilates makes me think of things one does in missionary position, cuz I'm real mature like that.
  • I've always hated group work in school, because there is always that person who doesn't carry their weight.
  • Yesterday, as I waited very impatiently in the Loveland Safeway while a Jewish man set the record for number of pricechecks in a single outing, I wondered if he felt discriminated against - as all of his price checked items were "foreign" (to the store) and yet needed for him to celebrate passover.
  • How old is Denise Austin anyways? She's been doing this fitness gig for.ev.er.

In otherwords, I did Denise Austin Pilates tonight, and now am having trouble going to sleep. Especially since I have other, more meaningful thoughts of depth floating thru this head of mine, but not a clue as to how to express them yet. Hmmmm...........



  1. Not shallow... just random! :-) I loved it.

    And I hated group work for the same reason.

  2. dear me - there were many random thoughts in that one bit of words -

    i have to take umbrage at the shot you took at the male of the species --- while there are morons on the planet who think ten inches is >__________________> long, and they are enamored with their own private parts, they do not represent THE WHOLE of the gender. Frankly, many of us had to trap a girl into marriage in order to have the freedom of going from room to room "in the buff" - and according to my mrs., it doesn't do anything for her if I'm "au natural", but let me do the dishes, vacuum, or fold and put away the clothes and she's with redford, clooney, or dempsey! (Now that's random!) keep up the great work - I used to live on Sunshine Ct. in Loveland - my sis graduated from TVHS! We're a lot older than you, both of us have kids your age, but your plight is noble and inspiring. God bless in all your endeavors! lloyd

  3. Hit a nerve did I?? heehee...

    I wasn't saying he'd always be fascinated, just that my 3 y/o is now and it's funny to me how early the conscious fascination hits.

    And random is right....

    As for Sunshine Court - that is so funny, I have a friend in that neighborhood! Small world indeed.