Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blind job offer

Weird - really, if you ask me.

But, hey you be the judge, here is the e-mail trail

Re: Out of Reach 2006


I love the resource that NLIHC’s data tables provide on the housing gaps that exist in our community, and I use them often!

That said, I noticed a need for an update today as I was looking at the tables to see where we are currently at. Colorado recently raised their minimum wage to $6.85/hr, which is not near the housing wage needed, but it would help the site’s credibility to have accurate numbers – I know the affordable housing enemies out there like to pick on anything! And I would like to give them NOTHING to bat at :)

Keep up the good work!

The site contact lady's supervisor (?):

Heather, thanks for the comments. You'll notice in our methodology section
of Out of Reach that we use each state's minimum wage as of 10/06. Due to the scope of the project, it's unfortunately impossible to make Out of Reach a "living document" that we update more than once each year. But rest assured, we'll include CO's higher minimum wage next year.

After all, I lived in Boulder for 2 years and will make sure the state gets its due. I also interned for KF in Neighboring City's CDBG Office - do you know KF?

If you need any help adjusting the calculations based on the higher minimum wage, just let me know.


My reply:

Thanks, that works for me! No problems calculating, just wanted to be sure that we’re on the radar and that the quality of your data continues to be as relevant and useful as it has been in the past :)

I knowKF’s name, but don’t know her personally. My office also administers CDBG,
and Neighboring City has a similar demographic as Loveland, so from time to time
we get some calls back and forth, like last week her staff wanted to compare Neighboring City to Loveland on inclusionary zoning practices. What kind of program were you in to intern with a CDBG office, just curious?

Have a great week, and keep up the wonderful work!

I was completing an MA in urban geography and helped KF write her 5-year Consolidated Plan over the summer of 2004. I was able to stay on part-time and crunch some homeless data and evaluate the inclusionary zoning and homebuyer
assistance programs. Great job, and great staff.

Thanks for the feedback, and stay in touch.


Sure thing :)

I’m currently working on the Masters in Public Admin. through CU-Denver. My goal is to work on public policy re:homelessness and housing issues more directly some day…so the NLIHC is an organization I watch often.

I was in the geography program at CU in Boulder. I spent many a day and night in the Guggenheim building, and was just in town to visit 2 weekends ago. Don't ever leave! I know the job prospects are better elsewhere, but you'll miss it badly! My wife and I are talking about retiring there, but at 32, I think it may be a little premature.

When you finish your degree and decide to ignore this advice, be sure to check to see if we're hiring. We're currently looking for a legislative analyst. Best of luck.


Just weird...I mean dude doesn't know me from EVE, and he casually says, "Hey, keep in touch," (uh doesn't there have to be a relationship for which one keeps in touch with someone??) and then, "Hey, want a job? Someday?" A little 6 degrees of separation does some good though, I guess?? Someday anyway...

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