Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I always wanted a domestic birthday gift...

Titles that were runners up for this post:
"What goes up usually comes down."
"The most expensive birthday, EVER."

Yesterday the Boss was out ill. I had very little to do, and had planned on asking her foradditional assignments, which I told her via the most bestest thing ever: e-mail. Since she was gone and all, I supposed I'd check out early? And that got the greenlight.

Thereafter, I spent 5 hours shopping. Alone. (BLISS!) For a dress to wear Friday night. Many more details that are not pertinent to this post will follow in another post.

Came home grabbed Punkinhead, and ran upstairs to try the whole ensemble on. Mah-velous dahling!

Came downstairs, barefoot. Enter, a very wet squish.

Punkin, did you spill something?

He looked at me like I was nuts - uh ma, we've only been home for 5 seconds, WHEN would I have gotten myself a drink and then spilled it - his 3 yr old eyes seemed to question (with much sass, too I might add)

I looked up at the ceiling and there was a water stain. Dripping right onto our carpet.

It was our second hand washer. It's first hand owners were FIL and MIL and we were oh so grateful to take their leftovers when their new purchase coincided with the purchase of our home 3+ years ago.

It has always had a leak, but we had one of those protective drain cover thingies to prevent such happenings. Or so we thought.

Called Charlie Brown - who was out suit shopping with LMNOB.

Change plans, no home cooked dinner tonight - go to Fazolis instead, much to the delight of LMNOB. No picture schedule tonight, sweetheart. Then Sears, and later Home Depot.

Apply for the Home Depot card so that we get the 10% off. Charlie Brown goes google eyed at our approved line of credit $4,!! I tell him, no, we are going to purchase this set, which came in at just under $1,000 when warranties and taxes and pre-rebated prices were considerred, pay it off with my $1,000 tuition reimbursement check I will be getting from my employer, whenever my grades become official, and we will then use the Home Depot card sparingly. Love you honey! He rolls his eyes at me, in that, thank-you-so-much-for-your-patronizing way he has and says, "Duhhh....I know that, Heather." I knew he did - but, well it wouldn't be me if I didn't overstate the obvious, right?

The set is being delivered on..............Friday. I will have to beg, plead, and threaten the death of the delivery person's first born to ensure that delivery/install is completed before we whirl away to our getaway.

Now, if you'll excuse me - I have to get my butt to a laundromat.

Oh, yeah - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! :-D 28 - and yet for some reason, it feels like that number should be higher?!

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! Sorry about the leak though.