Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just What the Dr. Ordered

Last night was delicious.

Realistically, anything would have probably done, as hungry as we were for time alone with each other.

But...on top of 18 blissful hours sans kids, I:

Saw my man in a suit and tie. And it was good. Verra good! Pic to come...he wouldn't let me snap one of him, but the photographer got a nice one of both of us. He showed it to me - and it is quite lovely with the state capital building right behind us.

Dressed myself up...both on the outside and in my
intimate wear that lurked beneath, which kept me feeling like quite the sexy little kitten all night, primed for the moment we would find ourselves, :batting eyelashes: all alone. :giggle: Here's the dress - no dice on ya'll getting to see me in the other new garb. I know, I'm not all fun and games. Damn!

Got to be in Denver...I LOVE me some good urban environs - don't know what it is, but I practically buzz off of the energy that abounds in the metropolitan cosmos(es? Because, really, Seattle, Denver, LA - any will do).

Drank, which in turn = relaxed. Champagne at the hotel (Doubletree's Romance Package is quite nice, and yet afordable, ya'll). Cranberry Vodka at the banquet.

Arrived early to the banquet, and much to our surprise, were told, "Heather Meyer, oh, you're at a reserved table," when we checked in. That made me feel special at first, though later, the "Mystery of Reserved Table #2" was only spoken to with shrugged shoulders. No matter.

Went and checked in with the staff person who'd requested I get my poster child head shot taken. Went and acted like a model for 15 minutes.

Got asked several times if I "was walking tomorrow?" (Graduation). Oh, no, I waved them off, this was my first semester! Marketing staff person that I had met at the orientation thought I was getting an award tonight - she'd seen my name on something recently. Not that I'm aware of. Well then, you are definitely on the "Up and Coming List," your name is known around here. Silently - Holy buckets, Batman!

Met my instructor, vis-a-vis, as well as her husband, who is my advisor. They are incredibly smart, very REAL people. And very sweet, in a sophisticated, fine European, dark chocolate way - as opposed to the bright, obnoxious, artificially flavored kind of way. I'm glad to have met them in a more concrete manner than phone and cyberspace have afforded thus far. As is Charlie Brown, because, they have a Subaru, and they hit it off smashingly. (In case I have neglected this detail of Charlie Brown's livelihood - he is the only Subaru SENIOR Master Tech in Larimer County - and one of a handful within the state - he's a car genius. And that's not just me sayin' - that is the regional tech assist reps call him on a consistent basis when they are stumped) My instructor and I chit-chatted about the class. I told her that I was particularly stricken by the number of what seemed to be high calibre students in the class, to which she smiled and said, "You'd be surprised. Of 40, there were 3-4 REALLY good students, yourself included, and many who seemed smart but really didn't show it. I scared 14 of them out of the class, too." She chuckled mirthfully at that. I smiled with my eyes raised. Hear that, red? You really are smart! Not that I really doubt myself, nor do I own the ego of the narcissist who constantly needs to stoke those fires of aggrandizement, but validation - particularly from a professional woman who's "been around" - is a sweet, sweet victory.

And...I think that hearing as much in this setting made my schooling more than, "that thing Heather does on the computer," to Charlie Brown. This made it real to him, and that is no small thing.

Back to the list of achievements:

Noticed Reserved Table #1 had some of the award winners sitting at it. Reserved Table #2 ended up having me and Charlie Brown, a PhD student who had also been instructed to sit at Reserved Table #2 and didn't know what for, and then a fairly obnoxious woman who was graduating with a PhD, her two sons, and two members of her dissertation committee. They were not told to sit at Reserved Table #2, and put us to the grill as to why we were so special anyway. The politician in me won out as I smiled and told her we didn't know, then silently I tacked on, "Maybe cuz they knew we had manners?" LOL.

Ate a yummy steak dinner in which I didn't prepare some or all of what I ate!

Listened to former U.S. Senator, Gary Hart, deliver a pseudo-commencement, inspirational speech.

Saw people who'd finished the programs at GSPA this year receive awards.

Left. And got lost with Charlie Brown. I could have probably found my way out if I were driving, but I let Charlie Brown try to get it figured out. When it became apparent that was not happening, I tried to use memory and common navigational sense - but it was too late. So we took a long route back to the hotel. It was all good though. The events to happen upon returning to the hotel were discussed; this kind of delay and anticipation was a good thing ;-)

Got back to the hotel - reconnected with my husband :winkwink: and slept blissfully in the most comfortable KING bed - oh how I want a KING bed now - until just before room service came with our breakfasts.

Dallied around and eventually made it home.

Life is good.


  1. That sounds simply divine.

  2. Looking great, Heather. Congrats on a day away and a well earned place of honor.