Monday, May 7, 2007

On this NEXT weekend

I was really vague, wasn't I?

Here are the details, ladies...

My birthday is Wednesday. It is also close to Mother's Day - in fact, whenever my birthday lands on Sunday it is Mother's Day. So I usually get a two-fer.

Add to it, that historically, springs are slow for Charlie Brown (who is a mechanic and gets paid by jobs done - not hours actually in the shop) and we are usually flat broke for my b'day.

Not so this year!! Yay!

Then...I got an invite from my school's Spring Banquet, which will be on Friday, May 11th. A catered, dress-to-the-nines, boozy-schmoozy event next to the State Capitol. They are going to award the Public Administrator of the Year to some local politician/administrator (read: networking, baby), as well as highlight some of the graduating students' achievements. Charlie Brown will probably snooze through it, but I thought it sounded, to the opportunist in me, as a fun, and valuable shin-dig to attend, because, you see, I'm an online student - and best to really get to know my professors, and get a read on them so that I can make the most impact possible.

In addition...I have to pose for the camera to finish the spotlight they are running on me in this year's marketing mag for the school. It's going to make me so much more famous than this small-time blogging thing. Weird, huh?

*sigh* I suppose it's true... I protested this fall when a friend called me a "politician" - but, listen to me, I think he may be right?!?

Anyway - I told Charlie Brown that we were going, and it would be my birthday/Mother's Day two-fer - there was no asking! MIL is going to be in a training in CO Spgs and is going to drive up and stay with the kiddos while Chuck and I live it up, at the party and later at our own post-party for two. ;-) We've had a rough patch lately and it's time to detach from the stress and reconnect to each other.

After all, we've only ever been away from both kids for a total of 3 nights EVER - one last April, and two nights before Thanksgiving this year. It's been almost 6 mos - I think we've earned it - don't you?

In the meantime - we had a lovely family weekend this weekend; a rare one where I actually felt rested and relaxed by the time this morning rolled in.


  1. Happy Birthday! And have a ton of fun at the shindig.

  2. WOOOO HOOOOO! Yay for you and CB!!! :)

  3. Oh, you SO SO SO deserve it! Have a blast, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

  4. I hope you have a fantastic birthday and a great time in your new dress.