Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm in!

I received my BlogHer Ad Network code today....

Soon ads will be showing in the top right sidebar.

I'm excited!


  1. You are excited about advertising? LOL Oooooh kay "H"... you feeling alright? ;)

    LOLOL! Hey I will be in Denver/Westminster starting on the 5th all the way to the 15th or so... you coming into town?

    Of corse I will be back for good come Sept... LoL

  2. I am - the ads = $ for me to help my family out with.

    As for Denver, after these two weekends, I will be steering clear of traveling for a time. I will be back up in October though for another 2 weekend class - we will definitely have to hook up!

  3. If you need a place to stay... My home is your home.... DUTY FREE! I will cook and do the dishes ;)