Sunday, August 5, 2007

So Not Kidding

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About letting the fun begin.....

We've been telling the kids since Thursday that we had a "special surprise" for Saturday...that was an early start on the fun as kids and surprises are too funny.

Yesterday morning we got up and drove to Georgetown/Silverplume, two historic little mining towns in Colorado history, and rode the Georgetown Loop Rail Road. As you can see by most of the pictures, it was a hit. Most, meaning that Punkinhead was dismayed that we had the nerve to get there too early (We bought tix for the 2nd train, and got there before the 1st one took off - we hadn't been that way in a long while and misjudged travel time) - but once we got on the train, he was happy as a Thomas the Tank Engine lovin' clam.

After the trains, we ate lunch at TommyKnockers in Idaho Springs. YUM!

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Then we drove on up to Mt. Evans - if you are scared of heights, don't go, this road is the highest road in North America, taking you all but 100 feet or so from the Summit of Mt. Evans' 14,258 feet.The kids hiked that last 100+ feet with us; and are now able to say they've done a CO fourteener, even if it was the lazy way :)

We then drove on to Lakewood for dinner at Charlie Brown's old stomping grounds, Jose' O'Shea's. Mmm.

A very good day, indeed. And tons o' fun :)

For more of the pictures, the trains can be seen here and the Mt. Evans Pics are here

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