Friday, August 3, 2007

Let the Fun Begin!

:Sighs indefinitely with relief: Summer School is now officially D.O.N.E. since I took my final this morning.

Stick a fork in me, I am SO done....

Gah! 16 weeks of work in 10 weeks. For the one class. Then the other intensive one, lived up to its name...and, created the most unbloggable, scholarly excitement...curious? E-mail me. Add to the mix some serious issues (Oh, yes, we did decide on a school for LMNOB - I'll have to relay that deliberation later) this summer, and Gah! is totally, dead-on, right.

And...because I kicked some serious Boo-tay with my research paper (200 points out of 200 points; why thank you for noticing, that is a PERFECT score!), I am getting an A; unless I seriously botched the final, which I don't think is the case.

My weekend class earned me an A.

Which means.......Heather still has a 4.0, now substantially more weighted, after this semester!!

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