Monday, August 27, 2007


It's the first day of school. At her new school.

And change is hard. Above, she was happy, still safely at home. Below, she was starting to get apprehensive.

To avoid the impending superfit, and the risk of her getting dubbed as the class freak, I stayed for a bit.

At 9:45, she saw the OT from the school, and warmed a bit - having a familiar figure there. About 15 minutes later, I told her Miss S (OT) would come get her for a sensory break - that I needed to go and I would be back for lunch with her. She agreed, reluctantly.

I left, with a heavy heart. It is so hard to see our kiddos deal with sorrow and changes.

But it will be ok. This I know.


Update: 1:05 pm - I just returned from LMNOB's school. We ate lunch together, and she was already in dramatically brighter spirits. Phew! She informed me that she played with A (her church buddy) at morning recess, and Neighbor A was gone for an appt - but they would play at lunch recess. Miss S (OT) came and got her and she bounced on a ball plus found pennies in theraputty. She was pleased as punch about that. She made a friend in class, at her desk cluster (they get individual desks but they are grouped in 6's), she couldn't remember her name but her mom was the art teacher and she was wearing a pink/brown leopard print that was SO.CUTE.Mom! Lunch was brief - only 15 mins - which could be LMNOB's demise as she is an intolerably slow eater. Or, perhaps, she'll adapt and bring that new skill home? She left me in the dust as she finished and went to recess, where she did in fact play with Neighbor A. Gleefully.

What a relief!


  1. I'm so impressed that a plan was in place and actually implemented on the very first day of school!!

    Adorable girl you have there! And what a cute outfit!

  2. Hooray for recess! Sounds like she's doing great. And yes, I'll jump on the "she's adorable!" chain. :-)