Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Autumnal Tilting

Sunday afternoon, on our way home from C town, we descended from Rabbit Ears Pass and took the shots I shared yesterday.

The groves of aspens in their changing, chartreuse to golden garb of fall against the crisp blue September sky, with the lone and rugged "rabbit ears" rock formation jutting out of the timbers made for a beautiful moment.

Yesterday, as I walked out of my office and felt the fresh air hit me with a seasonal one-two as the brisk coolness of the breeze danced in the sunbeams pouring down from the tilting solaris, I conceded that it is now in fact Fall.

My favorite season.
There is something about the positioning of the earth at this time that makes the lighting different. Ethereal almost, definitely that "golden light" we all love to see in photos. This lighting is the perfect backdrop for the natural beauty of the season. Glimmering golds, burnished bronzes, and radiant rusts spring forth and command our attention. The cooling of the air sends us looking to our closets for warmth, and pantries for comfort. And who could forget the other association that nerdy ole me has always had with fall? The starting of school. What's not to like about Autumn?

Well, as beautiful as it is, it is often the most difficult season for me emotionally. I usually get a bit out of whack from this time until Fall Back - that light/Seasonal Affective Disorder thing...then there's the fact that the holidays are inevitably closer. Can, check. Emotional worms inside, check. Awareness of the impending holidays - opens that can of emotional worms and all my family of origin ambivalence. I'm also starting to wonder if Charlie Brown has some issues with this time of year, because maritally, we have a trend - and September is not a good month. This year has been no different. Finally...with fall comes the sickies. Punkinhead threw up on Monday morning - Charlie Brown stayed home with him. Today? LMNOB, and it is my turn. Which is ok by me...I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed of late. Nursing a sick kid is not rocket science, thank God.

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