Monday, September 24, 2007

Blasts from the Past Over the Weekend...

I survived the MCHS Class of 97 10 year reunion.
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What a week of non sleep...first, MIL came to the Fort and we were up past midnight Tues/Weds. Then we drove to C Town Thursday night and were again up past midnight. And again Friday...Saturday...and me again on Sunday, as the afternoon java I'd hoped would make me a worthy copilot took me way beyond the road trip.

But it was fun. Getting to see old friends, catching up and hearing about accomplishments, families, careers, etc...

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And sad. Seeing that some people have crossed over to severe alcohol dependence. Or have already been married and divorced. Or are on the way there, and all that.

And a sort of closure for me. Craig was never home to me - seeing as how I only lived there for 3 1/2 yrs, and the mid-teen years at that. Going to this reunion and actually having fun and feeling proud of who I am and continue to become was some of that validation that I've been searching for F O R. S O. D A M N E D. L O N G.

And, it made me glad.

  • **For my home. Because ya'll, the Fort has had me for 10 years now, and I've come of age here, started my family here, and put down some roots. It is a progressive community, home base for two institutions of higher ed (community college is higher ed!), the Fort gives me the needed space from family (both by law and by blood) and, it's just plain HOME; Where my [adult life] story began...
  • **And for my life. As much as I may moan and groan about the goings on in Casa del Meyer, life is pretty darned good, with a few exceptions - I am working on them.
  • **And for my faith. My walk with God really has taught me that there is more to it than this life we're living.

Funny how a trip to a redneck haunt like C town could evoke all of this gladness, eh? It was pretty though...(on the way home, that is ;-) )
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