Thursday, September 20, 2007

Because She Says It Soooooooo Much Better Than I Could

Given my insane levels of busy-ness...thus my lackluster, not-so-creative posts, I thought I would direct you to Mir.


Because Mir is a parental genius. Also, pretty. Very much so. Moreover, her children MUST be my children's cosmic twins, because she's got a post up today with the communication glitches between mother and children down PAT.

My children and I have been having these exact discussions at my house lately...almost verbatim, but add a few more non-verbal communications like eye rolls, kicking and screaming, and well...then it's my life.

Without further ado, please go read.

Then bob your head emphatically at the "OMG! That is SOOOOOOOOOO my life" factor. And tell Mir, that while she does not bear the name of Maria, she is quite possibly the prettiest, and wittiest, and brightest mother-writer around.

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