Monday, October 15, 2007

Back, With Tales from D Town

Class was good.

Overwhelming - given the little communication glitch - but the prof was much better in person than via e-mail. So that was nice.

It was a large class too - like 40 grad students - so there was a lot of diversity in experience, which I enjoy.

Meeting Heather was also fun and awesome!

Hotel Chez Neff is the bestest out there. The hostess is sweet, extremely accommodating, and TOTALLY FOR REAL. I recommend her hospitality :-) And the entertainment - made me not miss my kiddos quite so much, since there was plenty of their sweetness to go around. I had a blast - even if bogged down with
homework and class time.

We went to Bonefish Grill for a girl's nite out dinner Saturday night and giggled like schoolgirls when the hostess asked us for a name for our party...

"HEATHER" we chimed in exuberantly. At the hostess' "Uh, I see...I don't get it," look, Heather explained that we were in fact both Heathers. She still wasn't impressed, and you probably aren't either, but it seemed funny to us at the time.

Then as we were older gentleman behind me got down and dirty. Heather's eyes got big and she mouthed, "Look behind you..." so I did, only to find man breasts and a flabby belly exposed for all to see. Ok, then. Dude needs a Bro, I thought.

Heather's chicken had not been done at first bite - which meant the mgr came out, apologized profusely, got her more chicken, done right this time, and told us dessert was on the house.

When dessert came, the waitress asked us if were ready for dessert. Heather said she hadn't seen a dessert menu, and the waitress said (almost in a flirty way), "I am the dessert menu..." and then rattled off the choices. I about bust up laughing at Heather's facial response.

Left: Heather N. Right: Me!

Dinner was later summed up by us in that we'd seen some serious skin and then were propositioned by another woman, lol. When we told Heather's husband that on our return, he looked VERY confused. And oh did we laugh.
But the best part?

Last night as I came home, my family had missed me, and honored me by assuring that the home was CLEAN upon my arrival!

And the smell of chocolate chip cookies wafted through my abode, welcoming me in.

I was surprised - for certain.

But it was blissful to be back home, with the smells of baking, cool in the air, and cozyness of Charlie Brown and I on the couch, snuggling with my blankie (after I got LMNOB to relinquish it from her room - the little thief - she has her own!), reading more of the book that I have not yet finished for school, and him watching the Rockies. Who won. Again!

The only thing that would have topped it would have been a little adult recreational activity - but we were both weary, so it's ok...we'll get to that.

Ah, contentment, it is a nice feeling....

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