Tuesday, November 13, 2007

An E-mail From the School, Subject Line - Re: LMNOB

Yesterday, I received said e-mail from the school's OT while I was at the Front Page training.

This canNOT be good...

And my heart stopped, knowing the craziness that has recently ensued from her.

Oh crap...she's finally lost her sh!t at school.

I clicked it, gingerly. Well, as gingerly as possible, seeing as a mouse click is an either you did or you didn't kind of thing.

And sucked some serious wind inward through the gulps of relief that followed as I read:

I was wondering if you could help me. I have a parent at another school who needs some contacts for OTs at SouthCountyHealthSystem. I am familiar with the OTs at NorthCountyHealthSystem but not SouthCountyHealthSystem... the student has some fine and visual motor needs. I know that LMNOB sees an OT through SouthCountyHealthSystem -so any names or contacts would be helpful.

School OT

Phewwwwwwwwww....Well, yes, duh, I think I can handle that.

I replied, saying as much - with the following caveat:

Favor - when sending an e-mail like this, can you please change the subject to better reflect the e-mail's topic? LMNOB had a horrendous weekend (I spent most of it crying) and when I saw your name with the subject line "LMNOB" I went into panic mode. When I opened it, though, I was much relieved - I am happy to help.

Because, somehow I do not think "inadvertently causing heart failure in our students' parents" bodes well as a selling point for your school's "supportive services."


  1. as an educator, you have taught me a valuable lesson - and as a parent i totally empathize!

  2. I am so jealous. When I get email's like that ... it usually consists of me having to drive to the school to retrieve one of my boys.


  3. Whew! That is some poor teaching to just throw your kid's name in the subject of an email! That does just scream "something REALLY bad happend because of or to your kid!"