Monday, November 12, 2007

Ask and It Shall Be Added Unto You...

Today, in an e-mail responding to DSW's concerned, "Is today any better?" I wrote out my answer, saying yes and no.

This morning was rough. LMNOB threw a massive fit about clothes, and then when I told her I was going to the bathroom and needed a few minutes, she clung to me with fury. I shut the door on her, but it stuck (something about new construction homes and the settling process), so I popped it pretty firmly and it closed. Right on LMNOB's finger because she. WOULDN'T. leave. me . alone.

I was horrified - you see, I was horribly angry when I was trying to close up the door, and now, because of my anger, my child was hurt.

So, no...this morning hadn't gone particularly well, but, I explained, I was at work, and a cake-like work day at that, and so I wasn't sure what the day would have just yet.

I closed saying,

I just need a day without MAJOR meltdowns. Just one day where normal whines
occur and no major clashing of the wills...
Ask and ye shall receive....

Enter the retail therapy.

Enter coming home to happy children and one Charlie Brown who is eager to take the kids out for a walk on a lark, a walk in the dark, near a park, (Dr. Seuss is turning in his grave, I know) while I cooked dinner.
Oh, honey, that is sooooooooooooo sexy. Mmmm....oh, and did I mention he brought home some Blue Moon, which is only one of my favoritest beers?

The children were good eaters, for the most part. They were behaved. The homework got done. They only whined a little, and halfheartedly - that kind of whining for sport whining - at bedtime.

And just like that, our lives got relieved of some pressure. I even got a post up for my school discussion thread.

So now I can in good conscience share this youtube with you - as this man is a genius who totally gets the married with kids thing:

Thank you, Lord for having mercy on me.

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