Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'd like to thank all the little people who got me where I am today...

LOL...that's a joke, kay?

In all seriousness, though - Niki has branded me as an award-winning member of :

For Social Conscience

Awww, Niki, thanks - you're too sweet.

And now, dear friends, it is time to pay it forward...

This award has several categories, each of which I must name one special person to receive:

-Creativity: I award Heather Neff in this one. She is a crafty, creative mama who always has ideas for her own writing, with enough left over to be an awesome homeschool teacher!

-Spirit of Giving: I award Purple Kangaroo here. Even with all of her family's health woes, homeschooling time constraints, etc., she is still generous with her time and ability, evidenced here.

-For Keeping It Real: I can't just claim one person here - really a lot of my blog roll deserves to be here, but for most of them my comments are just a drop in their huge readership buckets, so.... I've got to award Mama P and Princess in Galoshes for their mad skillz at balancing keepin' it real with wit and pop culture in their posts. Their keepin' it real tales are easy on the eyes, and fun to read, not of that whiney, poor little ole martyr me, keepin' it real variety.

-For Social Conscience: Larry James is awe inspiring with the dedication to social justice that his posts reflect. I learn a lot from him and pray that more people follow his example.

-For Staying True to Their Beliefs: TiaLynne is amazing with her joint mastery of knowledge, love, and wisdom at such a young age.



  1. Thanks for nominating Larry! He is a true inspiration.


  2. Aw. I am a little late, but thanks.

    :::PiG bats her eyelashes and blushes, modestly:::