Monday, November 12, 2007

So Desperate - I've Seriously Considered

Dialing 1-877-626-6984, leaving the receiver off the hook for about 5 minutes, and then asking, "'Nuf said? When will we be filming?" Also, because I've only watched the show a few times, I wonder if Jo Frost has ever touched on special needs on the show. Cuz, uhm, I'd like to know if she is still so super duper in cases like ours?

Today was nice though - I've been assigned the web maintenance duties for my office's webpage on the city's site, but alas! I am ignorant of the ways of Front Page, and our IT dept designated teacher of all things Front Page is not a very good imparter of knowledge. He is stingy with it and likes to talk a lot yet manage to somehow avoid actually exchanging the information we new page designer peoples sorely lack. All that to say that I got to spend all day offsite, actually learning the skillz and :Gasp!: how to apply said skillz in a practical fashion.

And, when we got done slightly early (just how slightly I'll never tell) - I went on a retail therapy excursion that totaled about what an hour of talk therapy would amount to...only it was good for multiple hours, so I got my money's worth.

:sigh: Now the real test of recovery is what the munchkins will be like when I go to pick them up from daycare shortly.

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