Saturday, November 10, 2007

So that dream I was telling you about?

Three weeks ago, I had a meeting to attend for the soon to be built LocalResourceSuperCenter for persons near-homeless or homeless.

One of the attendees was the woman I had shared my first office with when I'd worked for the community mental health center. (There is a lot of history in that link) She was an awesome therapist at the time, and had listened to me bemoan the situations I had been in many a time.

When we were doing our introductions, she noted that she was now the director of the Ft. Collins offices for the center. Then she made mention of how we had shared an office years ago, and that I was "fun and diligent" to work with. The woman who had been my second supervisor at the center as well as the guy who'd replaced my position with the homeless outreach program were also there.

As we sat discussing best practices for this project, a memories of my work with the center surfaced. My time there was so paradoxical - it was an unnerving time in my life, lacking clarity, yet in the end, it gave me the greatest confidence I have ever had about myself.

The meeting continued, and ended as planned.

That week, as things to do piled up more and more, I began to doubt myself and my priorities.

At one point, I sat crying out to God, asking Him what the right way to go was.

That night, I dreamed. But it wasn't a dream so much as it was a memory that I'd forgotten - because I remembered this odd occurrence actually happening when I awoke.

I was back at the mental health center - looking for information on a grant regulation. I'd gone to my Project Manager's office and he handed me several large binders of HUD stuff, saying that one day I "would be writing the rules."

I remember having been all, "Whatever, weirdo," at the time. But in hindsight, it's strangely prophetic, this little exchange.

I mean, I wrote rules for the inclement weather shelter. I'm helping write "rules of best practice" for a few projects. And I'm back in school because I hope to write legislation that promotes social justice.

I've been praying for the past few weeks then, that this means what I think it means - that I am indeed on the path God has planned for me - and that if it doesn't that He can help me see with clarity what direction I need to be in.


  1. That is very good. It looks like you are doing the right thing!

  2. Praying for that clear direction :) You know I am! :)