Sunday, November 18, 2007

To-do's No Longer

Man, this living thing is tough.

And it feels like so much has been on hold.

This weekend, I finally got around to:

Doing the laundry, because, no, I did not get new shag, multicolor, multitextured carpeting upstairs, and, yes, I was sick and tired of my family's linens n' things strewn all over.

Research for my group project paper due Dec. 10. Reading for my solo paper remains undone. It is due the same day.

Getting up close and personal with my hubs. It's been awhile. When did I become that woman??

Tomorrow - I will:

Call Dr. PediatricianThatWe'veHadForever and ask him to send all of the kids' medical records to Dr. FamilyPracticeInclinedtoNaturopathy that I've heard rave reviews about.

And schedule an appt for LMNOB to see the new doc and get her IgG testing done on Wednesday.

We have had a return of the fecal matter issue, but upon talking to LMNOB, it is because she is trying to "help her poop out" because it is so very hard that it's tearing her little bum up. Or, in the absence of poop smears on the toilet, she has raging diarrhea. Which made me want to call up Dr. PediatricianThatWe'veHadForever and say, "Oh? Maybe she DOES have intolerance symptoms, but I was just to damned busy to notice."

Poor baby. And I have got to let go of the retrospective guilt that I'm feeling for not catching this before, right? Ugh...

We've talked about it, and I bought her some flushable wipes, both for herself and for the toilet seat, when she needs them. And she used them the other night, so baby steps, right?


  1. Oooh, keep me posted on the IGE testing. I need to do that, too!

  2. YUP! Baby steps. All you can do is take it one step at a time. And maybe she just has some IBS and it can be fixed with 1 fiber pill a day... they have chewables!

  3. I hope your little girl is okay! Constipation is the worst! I just read some of the back posts and I can see that you are a little disappointed with your doc. Or, rather, how you interact with him. I am now a REALLY BIG FAN of getting in a doctor's face and standing up for yourself if you mention symptoms which really bother you and you think hint at a bigger picture of something wrong with you and the doctor just blows it off. If they won't listen, or at least listen but give you damned good reasons why your concerns are unwarranted, then get you to another doctor--stat! Shop until you find one who listens and knows what she's talking about!