Thursday, December 6, 2007

Rockin' My Inner Lennon Groove Thang

Cuz, I swear I just sang,

Come together!
Right now....over me.

And the paper, it did. Oh, yeah, man - it came right together before my very eyes. Or was it over???

At least, my part did.

I'm just gonna sing this song until all the other pieces trickle in from my partners - I figure it should work like the Pied Piper, eh?

Seriously, though - I think my argument to propose legislation similar to this act, (only substituting "sexual harassment," with suicide prevention), is sound, and could go somewhere. Also, my recommendation to take the state's suicide prevention presentations already in existence, tweak 'em to have info about the great investment of EAP's and how much suicide costs the economy, ergo, employers, go buy you some EAP providers for your company and voila! Happy Endings all around....I think so.

I'm good.

LOL....that is my pep talk so I don't shatter into a million little pieces from exhaustion talking.

Ya'll probably don't know what the hell I am talking about.

Suffice to say - change, I want to effect it - and I think this might.

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