Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dogs + Punkinhead = Funny

Over the weekend, we were playing outside in springlike weather (there is now 2 inches of snow covering everything) and our Lab, Gracie, slimed Punkinhead right on the face.

That dog has the wettest mouth ever. :shudders:

Punkinhead says, "Ewwww Gwacie swobberwed awwwl ovewr me. Blech."

Me - "Oh, I'm sorry. Want a paper towel to wipe it off?"

Punkinhead, "No, I want a toothbwush - I don't wike hewr fwavowr. Blech!"


This morning Gracie and Porter were wrestling, and getting kinda loud.

Punkinhead: "Gwacie, stop it wight now. Stop. I said stop dog!" He huffs, deep breath in, then, "Gwacie Awrchie Meyewr! Stop it wight NOW!"

ROFLOL....Archie is Punkinhead's middle name.


  1. hahaha, that was gross, yet somehow very funny. Thank God for Kids, only they can do something like that and make us laugh. If it were an adult, it would be a whole 'nother story.

  2. Why is it that the middle name always gets used when they do something wrong??

    This was a funny post. It's interesting to hear our own phrases parroted back at us thru our children, isn't it?

  3. So maybe it is safe to say that you use the middle name A LOT at casa de *insert your last name*?

    BAH hahahahha thats so funny.

  4. "I don't wike hewr fwavowr."

    Too cute! Thanks for the laugh!