Monday, February 4, 2008

She just leaned right over

and tagged know how a woman will often reach over behind you and tuck your clothing tag back into your shirt/dress/garment of some other variety, so as to spare you the embarrassment of having others know the natural:synthetic ratio of your threads?

Well, I think Piper just did the blogging parallel for me.

Hmm, I'm new to you (and I noticed that you haven't posted anything since late Friday here, lemme help you out) and thus...TAG you're it. goes, Seven Random Things about me.

1.) Today I finished 90% of the government equivalent of "What I did over Summer Vacation," i.e. the Annual Report, for our office. The Annual Report is really a giant PITA, because the mgr who requires it rarely provides The Boss with nearly enough prep time for me to meet the deadline. This year was no exception. It's due tomorrow at noon (I was told to start working on it on the 25th) and I've been juggling a million other things, like getting our grant books to print on time.

2.) My AOL visitor mystery isn't yet solved. My reader who delurked uses Verizon internet services, so there is still a person out there who has recently 1.) googled my full name, 2.)found the blog, and 3.)then gone through many (like a big freaking LOT) different posts of mine, specifically ones relating to my recent work frustrations, and 4.) has continued to seek out Ramblings of a RedHeaded StepChild via AOL search on a daily basis. I thought for a while that it might be a citizen looking for unprofessional conduct - but now I wonder if it might be a classmate - I stupidly noted that I blogged in our introductions, but didn't share the url, because, I dunno...this isn't a professional blog, you know?

3.) I've been losing the battle of the bulge for some time now...and if I don't do something soon, I am going to go up ANOTHER pant size...and I really don't want to, as it is 2 sizes bigger than I was 2 yrs ago, and 3 sizes bigger than I was 3 yrs ago. I hate weight issues, as legitimate concerns (I AM overweight, though not obese, and would do best to get in shape) tend to spiral out of control to obsession and binge-purge - seems like I am always teetering on either unhealthy end of the spectrum, and I would just like BALANCE.

4.) Charlie Brown and I are hitting DOUBLE DIGITS this year in the wedding commemoration venue. It's been a hell of a carnival ride, with some of the lowest lows and highest highs I've ever experienced in my life. I'm pushing for a second honeymoon, since we never really got much of a first...

5.) But, I'm thinking these will do very nicely (Thanks Niki!) - and since we're reacquainting ourselves with a great Song of Solomon series at church that we did 9 years ago, they have added meaning.

6.) My church is doing a ladies retreat this weekend, but I'm not going. I felt very out of place last time, the youngest mother there, and one of 2 WOHM's. Speaker of big words, and just feeling like a different kinda gal. I do need a retreat - but am thinking more along these lines still. But for now, a Saturday night with Becky and Heather will have to do!

7.) I should be doing homework right now...but that's not really random so much as it is routine, now, right?

Hmmmm.....Who to tag???

1 Princess in Galoshes

2 Niki

3 Heather

4 Lynne

5 Becky

6 Mama P

7 Liz


  1. Excellent job my dear!

    I've been wanting to call some of my lurkers out for a while, you did a beautiful job at it. I bet your mysterious lurker is your Mom. That's who mine is anyway! ~lol

  2. Eeek! 7 things? Dude, I am so not that interesting. 3, maybe. MAYBE 4. Tops.

    All I do is work these days. Blegh. It's getting in the way of my social life.

    Definitely do the second honeymoon! And congratulations!

  3. Your tag freaked me out! I kept checking the back of my shirt?!

    HAHAHHAHAHAH fresh blogger meat HAHAHHAHAHA

  4. I just now lurked over here from Niki's Journey. Just thought I would tell you that I am not the mystery googler. Come by and visit my space anytime you like.

    I like what I have read so far... the kiddo yelling the middle name at the dog made me LOL, and I think I scared my cat. Ha ha.

  5. Hey!
    I too am de-lurking...I came over from Heather's site ...because "Ramblings of a Red Headed Step Child" sounded...interesting. And so it has been! I actually found this post through clicking on the "weight" link posted in one of the stories...I too am trying desperately to lose about 40 pounds, and so I thought i would check it out! I'm not your mystery googler either! Feel free to check out my blog's listed on my profile!