Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Quick and Dirty

Phew - I've got to catch my breath!

What a crazy week this has been already and it is only Wednesday.

I got my annual report draft in yesterday.

And, the verdict is: Too Wordy.

Really, from me? :waves hand: Nooooooo....

Also included in the verdict: Can you fine tune, because your department's draft is going to be the template for the entire division - since no one else had a clue what they were doing?

Suuure....damn, sometimes being an overachiever flat out sucks.

Today, I'm preparing for an evening meeting with the Youth Advisory Commission. (Oh, and can I just say that it is so cool that Loveland has this? I mean here is opportunity for true civic engagement for kids! They never had that in the small town I lived in)

They asked if I would address the issue of homelessness before them.

So, long presentation short: It's very damned complicated; now deal with it.

Think they'll go for it?


  1. Too wordy, eh? That tends to be my problem also. I like words. I like to use a lot of them. So sue me.