Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Screw You Cookie Monster - Coffee Should Own "C"

I'm referring to this song, of course:

Cookies, well, they make you fat, generally speaking, and fat kills.
Coffee, it turns out, actually doesn't.*

* That is, if you drink coffee and not the excessively fatty, extra foam, full-fat milk, extra shot of artificially flavored high fructose corn syrup concoctions that contain enough liquid calories to drain your daily caloric allowance. Somehow I think that those things, while completely frou-frou and yummerific might cut down the health benefit, no?

I am pleased to hear that six cups of coffee per diem is A-OK.

I will continue to thrive on my own crack; meet my suppliers.

These wonderful people, Michael and Heidi of The Coffee Tree, plus their amazing staff, are located mere steps away from my office. I visit them entirely too frequently due to 1.) peer pressure - all the City employees are in the hook-up too; 2.) my ability to rationalize so well - I often think that a jaunt out in the natural sunlight is good for my serotonin situation, oh and by the way, I think I'll get a hit some coffee too while I'm out; 3.) the fact is, they are hard core....Best coffee in Loveland, for sure, and 4.) they know everybody's name - and we all know that everybody wants to be where everybody knows. yourname.

I bet they would agree with me that it's time for Cookie Monster to give the C up to coffee. Besides, we want kids to associate letters and their Henson-inspired role models with healthful choices, not the road to obesity, right?

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  1. Oh I so love that my baristas know my name and my signature drink, so that when I pull up every day, I mean twice a week, they have my drink ready!!

    C is for COFFEE, CAFFEINE, CALGON take me away!!

  2. But...but...but...c is for cookies con coffee, isn't it?

    I mean, what's coffee without a chocolate cookie to dunk into it?

  3. My HUSBAND sings this song ALL the TIME!! Makes me crazy! I vote for changing it to C is for CRAZY!

    Nice to meet you. I plan to kiss All Mediocre today.

  4. I want a hook up, of some kind?! Any kind!

  5. I. Could. Not. Live. Without. Coffee. Lucky for me my addiction only goes to one very important cup per day in the morning. As far as I'm concerned, the "C" has always been for Christine's Coffee!