Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spinning and Buzzing, Oh My!

Holy schnikes, I have had a lot of excitement for the day.

None of which I can reveal on here, just yet.

Let's just say that a passing thought from this weekend seems to have morphed into reality in less than 24hours.

And all I can hear in the back of my mind are the words of the following, eerie prophesies:

This is powerful creative, attractive energy - in fact, you can almost count on someone you meet on a short trip or in the course of your daily routine offering you a gig, job, or other money-making opportunity. Just remember the door probably won't swing open if you don't unlock it....

But what if you woke up one morning this spring or summer and realized you could step outside of all those programmed security, status and power goals and just be yourself, warts and all, doing what you love to do? What resources would you need to live that simple, clear life? How might living from your own integrity open you up as a channel for abundance?

And today's words? Totally on target.

You could feel temporarily disempowered or befuddled in the hours leading up to ednesday's Full Moon in your 8th House.

Uh, yeah - as I'm suddenly realizing that I so am NOT Superwoman!

Because this Full Moon happens in a tight conjunction to Pluto, it appears to indicate the reappearance of a powerful person or energy into your life.

As you know, Pluto will now spend five more months in your 8th House before moving into your 9th House for a 15-year stay in November.
Actually, no, didn't know that but thanks for the heads up.
The 8th House is a strange place, signifying surrender to a power greater than oneself, psychological death and rebirth experiences, other people's money and energy, and the processes of letting go and deep emotional cleansing. This may sound rather Draconian, but until we learn to let go and trust, we can't open ourselves to the transpersonal power that is so much more enjoyable and more fulfilling than our personal egoic manipulations could ever be. So, accept uncertainty, stand in your integrity, and consciously release the need to control the flow of your life.
So basically, I'm going to get close with God again? Because it seems like I'm falling more into that - yay, as that's what I've been needing.
Mercury's direct turn on Thursday encourages you to pay attention to your money, but remember that abundance can flow to you from anywhere at all. It's the ultimate paradox: surrender is the key to victory.

As today has been spent calculating whether I could leave a FT job to take a PT job, and I have been scrutinizing the Benjamins, this is uncanny.

P.S. It's looking more and more like yes!

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