Saturday, December 13, 2008

Brain Dump: A Blogging Free For All

I started the below post 2 weeks ago...I feel like I'm losing my blogging mojo.

I've had so much stuff rolling around in my head lately that it's caused severe anoblogia.

an·o·blog·i·a (ān'ə-blog'ē-ə)

  1. Loss of blogging appetite, especially as a result of overwhelm.
  2. Similar to anorexia nervosa, when one is afflicted with anoblogia, one thinks about blogging (eating) obsessively; however, cannot bring oneself to blog (eat)
I'm quitting my job in 3 weeks less than a week. The 19th is my last day. I am having trouble wrapping my head around it - despite the frantic brain dumps I've been doing for my possible soon to be successor. (THAT was quite a story too - after much drama, a hiring freeze being implemented the day after the posting for my job closed, and again, drama - they finally decided to hire someone to fill my spot)

There has been much to do at work to tie things up...and thus no goofing off and blogging in the interim....

Because at home I've been desperately trying to get my lia sophia business up and going (Excellent Beginnings goal is probably easier to achieve any month but December - duh). But, I made my goal at the 11th hour and I'm so proud!! Now I can breathe a bit and get my house cleaned, because if ya'll thought this place was suffering, you ain't seen nuthin'.

My house is a disaster. But it is getting there. When I'm home and the holiday rush is over - this place is going to be a clean machine. I can't wait.

I've been doing too much in life, juggling too much trying to go through the motions and avoid the emotions, I think. I'm looking forward to rediscovering who I am supposed to be in this world - or wait, do we ever find that out?

Charlie Brown and I are doing good - found out yesterday (really - this part was not written earlier) that the baby is a boy - which is great, of course - no pleas from the children to send it back, as they were both hoping for a brother. He has an in utero nick-name of Bud now because the u/s tech announced that he was 12 oz, the weight of a soda (or a beer in this case).

My writing is suffering in my absence - I feel like this reads similarly to a 5th grade book report. Will improve, I promise.

Have had some funny pregnancy dreams this go round and will be sharing them with y'all shortly - good for a snicker or two.

Well, must go - have chores and bathing children to attend to before going to a Christmas party tonight.


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  1. Glad you're back, that you're busy, and that you are writting through the doldrums.

    I like your bean's nickname!!