Monday, January 15, 2007

It's like that pre-game rush...

For over a month now, I've had on my family calendar, work calendar, my planner, and just about any scratch piece of paper I could summon, that January 15th was an important date, above and beyond the observance of MLKJ's day:

It's game-on day. Tomorrow is the beginning of my steps toward an MPA. The steps which will lay the foundation of what I hope will be an effective career in serving the people.

And tonight was the pre-game pep talk - aka orientation.

Most of my degree will be earned via time spent on my newest toy ehm, educational investment. Sidebar: I love, love, LOVE my new notebook - new, as if I even had one before, lol. Ok-ay, I confess, I LOVE my first notebook with more ardor than I did my first boyfriend. But nevertheless, I'm being way, uhm the point? Oh yes, the point being that tonight was new student orientation for all new GSPA students.

Saturday night, I'd had a bit of a freakout moment towards Charlie Brown. The age--old division of labor issue that frustrates the holy hades out of me = not so much a freakout, and a totally valid point, particularly when I'ma gonna need him to STEP it UP as I seek out this new adventure. The manner in which I handled myself = a faithless creature of fear, and also, completer freakout. We're better now.

Sunday, my pastor (sorry CoC readers who dislike that term, it is what he is) preached a sermon on being faithful to what God has called you to. And how, when it is what He wills for you, He can make all things possible! Oh, how I needed that reminder. I bolstered myself for this week with confidence in this basic tenet of my faith.

Today, I returned to work, and the craziness that this shelter has created. What a mess. But we waded through the follow-up and planning for the next few days.

At 3:30, I left to cruise south on I-25 to Denver.

My heart started thumping. Except for this time, unlike recent weeks, it didn't have that sick knot in my gut accompanying it.

This time, my heart was thumping, my bones singing. It was as if the skyscrapers were channeling energy directly into me as I entered the City. They were my "Friday Night Lights." I briefly thought back to my original version of "The Plan," and that urban connection. I smiled, and thought, "In another lifetime, perhaps that was right for me, but I'm where I need to be right now."

I felt peace. And joy.

I parked at the wrong part of campus in the midst of the excitement. Totally a Heather moment, that's for sure. Got to where I needed to be, signed in, and sat down with the other 30+ folks there to start the journey as well.

My to-be first instructor gave the introduction to the school, and referenced Martin Luther King Jr. and his life of service, how we were all striving to do the same thing, and make the world a better place.

And then I knew.

That buzz.

It's the same as when the player knows he's going to knock a homer out of the park. Everything's riding on it.

And now? I'm gleefully boasting my game face. Game's on

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