Friday, November 30, 2007

On the Down Low...

Sorry readers - all 5 of you, right? If I am wrong in this assessment, please give a shout out - I have only ever gotten 6 comments for my "most comments," and a girl gets blog-inferiority issues from time to time..

I've become something of a blogrant - a term I've gratuitously stolen from Lynne, my library friend whom I always want to call Lynnie Lou.

Let's just say that this pattern of neglect can be seen in other areas in my life besides this blog - my house is a certifiable pit of $h!t right now, my body is full of toxins because I'm living on caffeine, filler foods, and little sleep these days, had some bank account whoopsies (paid our truck payment twice this month - oops! there went $300 we needed), et cet er a...

But it's for a perfectly good reason! I promise I am not just lazy, I have been diverting my attentions to an Important!School!PossiblyLegislative!Report! And working with homeless issues in the interim. This very important paper I am working on is an expansion of this post, and is a growing process for me.

You see, Heather is a roughdraft writer, hardly anything she does goes through an editing process, as she does her bestest work when under intense pressure. Seriously, the research paper for Citizen Participation, whilst it had been outlined and research had been thoroughly examined and noted, had not been put into written format until the night it was due, and Hammy got a perfect score on that one, baby. And that wasn't the first time I've had such results. Trust me, I am an EXPERT at Juggling 101 - The Artful Uses of Procrastination.

But...I can't do that this time. Because it is group work. And, because it is friggin' important - we're talking potentially saving lives here. But mostly because it is group work and we have to come up with a finished product TO.GETH.ER. One of my partners is a research hound and has been a tremendous asset to the team - I owe it to her to thoughtfully write, critique, and revise my thoughts to the maximum efficiency package that KNOCKS the SOCKS off of whoever decides to read it. So I'm growing. Somewhat painfully, but the results are sa-weeeet!

Thus, dear internets, I bid you temporarily adieu. Til I get my paper done.



  1. I don't think I've ever left a comment, but I read. Found you through my cousin's wife - Heather.

  2. I read.. I read.....


  3. I am totally a one drafter, too. And in college I would write my ten page papers in an all nighter that ended about 5 minutes before the class started. Pressure, like David Bowie.

    I hope you get your paper done and it knocks some smelly socks off.

    I feel your pain with the low readership! After almost a year of blogging--with more than a few highly entertaining posts, I think--my high comments was about 12. And I am only getting about 1,000 hits a month. Makes me wonder why I am doing this at all.

  4. WHAT WHAT WHAT! Breathe Breathe ;) Hope you paper comes out QUICK so we can get back to Heather Blogging ;) And hey.. Heike Reads your blog! You are worth BUCKS! ;)

  5. I'm here! And reading regularly, honest! Get that paper done, Hammy (and incidentally, you can call me Lynnie Lou any time you like!) 'cause I miss you when you don't post!!!

  6. I read too. I do, I do! But since I talk to you on the phone I rarely comment! See you in 4 weeks!

  7. Ohhh, LOOK, reader number 7!!! Love to read, but not so much comment... it's a personal problem!