Thursday, January 10, 2008

Peace Takes Courage, part II

In my first installment regarding the application of the idea that Peace Takes Courage, I worried about the growing political tensions about the newly established temporary inclement weather shelter for the homeless.

As of Monday, I’d heard a majority of City Council was against renewing the lease. I’d also heard that they wanted the City Manager to recommend discontinuation of the lease so that they (the elected officials) wouldn’t have to be the voice of dissent. Our City Manager stood up to them and recommended that the lease be continued for this season. Tuesday, the Council would have to vote on it.

Tuesday morning, I went to the City Manager and let him know that I supported his recommendation and would be in attendance if he needed my input on anything.

My heart thumped at the meeting, in anticipation of merchants protesting, “Not in my backyard” and heat from the officials. I chanted internally, “Diplomatic and logical, diplomatic and logical” over and over as a reminder to myself to keep things in check. When it came time to public comment and the vote, however, I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t even need to speak!

City Council’s dissenters re: the shelter obviously felt that the community was largely for this, and left their opinions at the door, voting in favor of extending the lease this winter.

As for plans for next year – we’re on the verge of something big – I can just feel it..

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  1. Awesome! Big things are big things! And I am glad you are part!